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Simple Sedona

This is a simplified version of the sedona method. You initially require to work with a partner (could be anyone), later you may be able to release yourself without assistance.

Identify a specific emotion you which to clear. For example lets take a fear of black dogs. Sit in the fear, imagine the black dog in front of you and how you would feel. Let the fear grow so you can fully experience it and know it.
When your partner senses that you are fully in the fear they ask you the question:

“Are you now ready to release the fear of the black dogs?” and you must answer “yes” or “no”

if you say “yes” then they say ” When are you going to release it” and you answer “now”

if you say “no” then they say ” move into the resistance to letting go”

You then sit in the feeling of the resistance to letting go, so as to feel it fully.

Then your partner asks “ are you prepared to let go of the resistance to letting go of the fear of black dogs?”

if you say “yes” then they say ” When are you going to release it” and you answer “now”

if you say “no” or you cannot say you are going to release it “now” then you have to identify the emotion that is underlying and blocking the release and sit it that emotion and let it go first.

For example it could be fear of being bitten that is the underlying cause of the fear of the black dog. There may be several layers to explore and release before you can release the original emotion.
When you do get back to the original emotion the feeling when you sit in it will be quite different and easier to let go of.

Create lists of your fears, worries, anxieties, guilt and any other negative emotions that you experience. When you start exploring you will find many limiting emotions you will be much, much happier without! Work through the lists with your partner.

I have created specific bioenergetic formulae, one for taking prior to this release work, to prepare your energetic body for letting go and one for post release, to assist with integration and grounding after the exercise. You can order them here : Pre Release Post Release

Spray the remedies into your mouth and into your aura, especially above your crown or where you intuit. You may sense where a particular fear is being stored in your body, even to feeling physical pain at that point. This is great because it will help the release significantly to focus on that area and also use the spray there at the same time.

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