Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Merlin’s Vortex Activation and Refresher Workshop

Drumelzier Village Hall, Merlindale, Scotland

2nd September 10-5.00

There are those of you that have chosen the path of the Magician – at least in one previous life if not many. In those lifetimes through initiations and Divine Magic, energetic structures were placed in your bodies to enable you to perform Divine Magic and healing.

Merlin’s Vortex Magic is one of the most profound and effective healing modalities available at this time. It is best described as the Art of Divine Manifestation. Now is the time to activate your latent powers of healing.

At this time Merlin invites you to attend a workshop held for you in Merlindale to have those energetic structures reactivated in this life in order to facilitate your healing work with Mother Earth and its denizens.

This workshop is also a refresher course for those already having attended the activation at a specially reduced price of £55. Attendance is strongly advised as, Wizards, the real work healing Gaia starts now and she requires your assistance! Besides Merlin offers an upgrade to your energy systems – listen to his messagebelow.

The day will include:

  • History and context of Merlins Vortex healing and the Merlin Consciousness
  • Cleansing and Preparation meditations
  • Your personal Vortex Wheel Activation/Upgrade
  • Practical practice and demonstration of healing using the Vortex Magic
  • Live Channeling of Merlin and Sherling the Merlinite Crystal Skull by Alphedia
  • Group Gaia Healing

This workshop is to be 2nd September 2014 and held  in the Drumelizer Village Hall in Merlindale, otherwise known as the Stobo Valley, Peebleshire. The course will run from 10am until 5.00pm with a break for lunch. Vegetable soup will be provided and fruit teas, bring whatever else you need to sustain you.

Cost of  workshop £75


Cost of refresher   £55


Because of the nature of the activation, recording and distance participation is unavailable.

Merlins Channeled Message 5 March 2014

merlin5.3.2014  MP3


“Great changes are coming on the Earth as she shifts her energetic matrix at the back end of this year and throughout 2015. More light workers are starting to awaken now and many of them are remembering their alchemical abilities, their wizardry knowledge and their ability to shift, change and transform. I am connected with many such light workers as we have worked with the Merlin consciousness in past lives and I call out to those healers now who are ready to work with the Merlin consciousness again to bring through the alchemical changes at a subatomic level and to allow for a DNA encodement shift. Those who are already trained in working with the vortex energies of the Merlin consciousness will be ready for an upgrade and for those who are wishing once again to connect with the merlin consciousness, I am ready to work with you now; for great turmoil occurs at an energetic level on planet earth this year and being in your centre is of key importance for light workers at this time. 


How you individually react to these energy shifts is yours to own. However, when you have the tools to be able to release the belief patterns, to step outside your conditioning boxes, you will feel joy, relief and a sense of oneness with the Divine. Throughout 2014 focusing on the heart centre is of great importance and allowing that to fully open up within each individual. Much of humanity is still unconscious and unaware, and few are valuing the heart centre and the wonderful sense of love. In the coming three months, many egos will be brought up and presented as an opportunity for those on the spiritual path to shift and clear them. As always as humans you have free will, it is up to you if you choose to do this work, but connecting with the merlin will assist you greatly. I can be called upon at any time to do this work and I look forward to connecting with you in the coming weeks and months. “


Any queries please contact Auraengus
Telephone 0131 20 848 20 or
email [email protected]


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