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Cleansing crystals

Treat crystals as living beings, they may not breath visibly like you or have obvious bodies and organs but I can assure you they are alive. They are to be loved as co-inhabitants of the world we live in and interact with. They are masters at the uptake, storage and dissemination of frequencies and patterns. Each type of crystal has its own particular specialty, and can be asked to help you with particular functions or tasks. Information can be accessed through meditation and connecting to the consciousness of the crystal.
They are to be treasured and respected, loved and cherished.
If they are exposed to low or discordant “negative” energies they may get choked and will require cleansing, if they are performing a protective role in a “energetically dirty” environment for you this will be required often. Most of our environment and most of its human inhabitants carry these disruptive “negative” energies and the crystals will pick them up. Some crystals, especially when programmed to do so are better at transmuting (getting rid of) these dirty energies than others, others are not good at all being more like sponges that will require regular cleaning.

Cleansing Crystals

There are many methods to suit different circumstances:

Place in a stream or in running water. Invoke the undines and sprites to assist.
Place in sunlight or moonlight, invoke the sun or moon to cleanse and bless your crystals.
Place on a bed of salt, or in a bowl of salty water, intend the salt to soak up and cleanse the crystals. Dispose of the salt into nature such as a stream or spread on the land where it will be naturally cleansed and transmuted.
Hold in your hand, invoke angelic assistance if you wish, and direct a stream of angelic purifying light though the crystal until the crystal is bright and clear. Intend it be cleansed and healed from any hurts, give and ask for a blessing.
Spray the crystals with some of the specialty angel sprays such as sold by Hazel Raven and others. see

Some crystals will dissolve in water, some will be altered by sunlight – check which will be suitable for your crystal first!

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