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e-LYBRA Bioenergetic analysis and remedies

I have used now for many years and thousands of human patients and tens if not hundreds of thousands of animals  a bioenergetic analysis and treatment device called an e-LYBRA. I have found this to be very successful when coupled with the necessary observation and experience to diagnose and bring back into balance energetic disturbances causing illness and symptoms. This technique is quite capable of getting to the root of a problem when all else has failed. There are many short comings in conventional diagnostic techniques, the e-LYBRA can provide insights previously unattainable and would be a great addition to any surgery or hospital ward.

The system is quite easy and totally painless! One can either attend in person for a session of about 1.5 hours or remotely by sending in a hair sample. Once either connected up to the e-LYBRA or your hair sample being placed in the analysis well, the session begins with a 15 minute initial alignment where the device adjusts to your energy system and begins a general balancing procedure. Next the e-LYBRA is set to a 45 minute session where your energy system is analysed to see which are the uppermost issues most necessary to rebalance out of the 1/4 millon or so on the database. When it finds an issue it determines the dose and then sends the balancing signal to your energy system, either directly through wrist straps if you are here in person or by scalar type transmission if you are remote from the e-LYBRA. Concurrently it puts the same patterns and frequencies into a bottle of water (inc 5% alcohol for preservation) for you to administer to yourself over the coming month at the rate of two drops on the tongue once or twice a day. This prescription I called the General BIM and it will be marked with the date of the session.

For many people this balancing session, together with other indicated remedies such as herbals and dietary/habit changes etc, is enough to see a profound and significant improvement in their well being within quite a short period. It sets them well on the upward spiral of recovery as opposed to the downward spiral of increasing ill health and debility.

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