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Prenatal care

From the incarnating souls viewpoint the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state of the parents especially at conception and during the pregnancy is a major influence on well being and personality. The child inherits as part of its makeup the anxieties, worries and fears held by the parents at this formative time – it cannot do else, as he or she is completely dependent on his or her environment as their growth and development progresses. Some of these negative traits may adversely affect the entire life of the this new soul.

What a great time it is then to work on ones own fears and personality issues. Because every little that you do is great for you but also great for your child. He or she may never have to struggle with the same issues that have plagued you and maybe your parents and their parents before them.

The child will be sharing the mothers body physically throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is so necessary to be eating high vibration organic foods, plenty of fresh and raw, fruits and berries. Keep well hydrated, prepare your own food from fresh, avoid processed not only for the contamination by chemicals, preservatives and other additives but also the low vibration energetic contamination from factory processing plants, travel and storage. Sunlight (even through cloud) is very important get at least 20mins exposure on face and arms daily. Use only chemical toxin free soaps, makeup, washing and cleaning materials.

The child will also be sharing the mothers body emotionally, mentally and spiritually and any negative or low vibration influence will be obvious as a discomfort felt by the mother as the child reacts to the impact of the lowered vibration environment. This could be obvious as “morning sickness” or nausea. Use the techniques outlined on this site (and any others you find work) to cleanse and purify your chakras and bodies. Salt footsoaks before bed are an excellent ritual to free negativity. Avoid the negative influence of TV, internet, newspapers and media, people and places you know bring you down.

Although consultations with an experienced practitioner will probably help you immensely, there is much you can do at home yourself and I can support you with the Vibrational Essences; homeopathics, flower essences and bioenergetic formula you require to heal your issues as they arise. Work together with your partner to identify and release fears and other negative emotions using the sedona method. You can call upon the Archangels to assist you with this work, Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame are a potent combination. Using the Ascension Spheres helps greatly to be in the right space for release.

If you prefer I can work with you by telephone, mail, email or skype to explore and release these issues. Get in touch.

The Vibrational Essences for the Pre and Post natal period including childbirth and breastfeeding are available as a set of four with the specially programmed set of crystals for around the crib or bed of your new born. There is a discount of £10 for purchasing this as a set compared to the individual pricing.
Vibrational Essence Pre Birthing 30ml
Vibrational Essence Labour and Childbirth 30ml
Vibrational Essence Post Birthing 30ml
Vibrational Essence Breastfeeding 30ml
Programmed New Born Crystals (Selenite*4 and Rose Quartz)

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