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Pre-Birthing Remedies

In the period leading up to the actual birth the issues tend to be around the difficulty of getting comfortable and dealing with the unaccustomed size and lack of mobility. In this bioenergetic combination is the Australian flower essence Wild Potato Bush that addresses these issues and calms the mind allowing the body to relax and be content with the process.

This is also a time for releasing the old patterns and ways of being – a new soul is about to join you – which is likely to change a lot in your life – even if it is not your first child. The Australian Bush essence  Bottlebrush is included to help with this purification.

Peridot crystal essence is part of this combination to help align the energies of the incoming soul. If the babies energies are aligned and balanced then the birth will be much easier and gentle. Aids with the shaping and expansion of the skull after birth.

Blue Cohosh/Caulophyllum

Finally the classic Caulophyllum is the time honoured remedy for creating an easy labour and birth, allowing the muscles and ligaments to perform correctly giving easy dilation and a well prepared birth canal.


All the above are in a background matrix of  bioenergetic preparations to  cleanse and balance  the chakra systems, meridians and energetic bodies of both the mother and child, on a daily basis.

This remedy is supplied in a 30 ml spray bottle to be taken daily or twice daily into mouth and aura in the 3-6 weeks preceding the delivery date.

Pre-Birthing Combination 30ml Spray £10 plus carriage

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