Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Labour and childbirth

Childbirth is simply one of the best experiences available on planet earth, if all goes smoothly. Nevertheless it is a trauma for muscles and tissues; and fears, anxieties and energetic unbalances can interfere with the natural process perhaps causing unnecessary suffering and distress.

The homeopathics Aconite (shock and trauma), Arnica (muscle and tissue), Bellis Perennis (deep muscle trauma) are simply wonderful in childbirth and for the subsequent recovery. Caulophyllum aids the process of the labour.

Arnica on its own or in this combination can act as a powerful painkiller to be taken in the mouth or sprayed into the mothers aura as often as necessary during the labour and will significantly reduce the reliance on other forms of painkiller, which will reduce any adverse effects on mother and child.

The other components in this combination are to maintain harmony and balance in the energy systems of both mother and child.

Hands on or remote healing such as Reiki or Vortex can and will have a profound effect on the birth experience, bringing an element of the Divine into the experience, as will invoking Angelic assistance.

Environmental sprays such as Hazel Raven Angel sprays using combinations of crystal essences and aromatics designed to assist invocation and raise the vibration of the space can be easily used to advantage throughout.

The New Earth children are much more susceptible to drug and chemical damage than their predecessors so it is vitally important to reduce any possible exposure (preferably to zero). Choose your birth plan and those that will be helping you with that in mind!

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