Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Crystals for the New Born

In the years ahead crystals are going to be and for some are now an integral part of our lives. Look upon crystals as living beings – which they are, with capabilities and properties that you at present probably cannot imagine or comprehend. However they are here and in ever increasing numbers to help heal the Earth.

The new incarnating souls at this time  understand and are able to communicate and work with the crystals and the crystal beings from an extremely early age. So it is great for them to have crystals around them as they come into this world often incarnating for the first time for protection, healing and comfort.

Specially programmed to increase the vibration of the new born environment

Selenite and Rose Quartz

In the first instance I would recommend a specially programmed grid of four selenite crystals to place around the crib or in the corners of the room where the child sleeps, or at the perimeter of the property. These crystals will be programmed to create a high vibration space, to keep out low densities and negative energies.

Rose quartz is a very good crystal to have near the crib, bringing the qualities of comfort and love to your new born.  Again we have specially  programmed this crystal to align it with the energies of your new born to intensify the properties and action of the crystal.

To care for the crystals simply place them in direct sunlight for a couple of hours in a week to rejuvenate and cleanse them.

Programmed Selenite (four) grid and rose quartz crystal



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