Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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The New Children

Incarnating now onto the planet are souls with very different requirements in terms of health, welfare and education from those who have come before. As the vibration of Mother Earth rises through the ascension process to 2012 and beyond, this enables souls of a higher frequency to incarnate, to assist in their turn to create the New Earth.

These souls, some of who are already amongst us, are psychic, highly sensitive individuals who will suffer if exposed to many of the lower vibration experiences we have been bought up with.

If they are unwell you will not be able to use so called “conventional” drug based medicine – chemicals and drugs will make them very ill.

You must not vaccinate – so sensitive are some of these souls they will not be able to stand the trauma – it will in all likely-hood kill them, if not cause permanent serious damage.

Homeopathic and bioenergetic medicines (Vibrational Essences) are the the treatments they will be able to use both as prophylactic and as a treatment as necessary. These are vibrational therapies and completely replace drugs and other procedures, safely and effectively. These children will respond well to crystal therapy, indeed crystals will be so important to them in their environment to enhance and preserve their sensitivity intact, and to mitigate damage from the outside world.

Many of these new souls are healers already – coming onto Earth with skills acquired in previous lifetimes. Highly psychic with access to the other realms, conversing with the Archangels and being able to see the Nature Spirits such as the fairies and gnomes with normal vision. Be aware of these attributes, they are to be encouraged and fostered at all costs, they are the future of the human race. Prepare and educate yourself in order to understand their world, different from what you have experienced and accept as normal.

Food and very high standards of nutrition are essential for these new souls, high vibration food with life force and vitality. Processed food will act as a poison, clogging their systems and causing digestion and other disorders. Modern dairy production is to be totally avoided and especially white processed sugar and flour – and anything that contains it. Modify your diet now – to create the situation where it is routine and acceptable to eat unprocessed and highly nutritious food. The chemical loading that comes with conventionally grown crops will make these souls ill, all food must be organic and uncontaminated.

Many of my future posts will be dealing specifically with the changes in lifestyle you will need to make to accommodate and care for these children. Click the RSS feed button to be updated as we go along.

If you are lucky enough to have one or more of these so very special people in your life, it is a challenge, but you have been specially chosen to bring them into the world and are more than capable to look after and protect them. We are here to support and educate you on the journey and to supply the specialist help and advice when required.

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