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Strongloides and ME

It would seem that most if not all ME sufferers are infected by Strongyloides sp. in the neural pathways of the brain. Strongyloides are commonly carried by animals and easily transferred to humans. Previously I have found them implicated in migraine attacks, the attacks subsiding after using the Zapper to kill the wormlets. My experience is that Strongyloides is much more common in Western Society and affecting many more areas of the body  than currently believed by medical society. Infection is likely to be lifelong if not treated. If the general health and vibration of the body is not raised as well as the damage cause by the worms repaired then re infection is almost inevitable. Treatment should then be seen as an all encompassing protocol to raise the body into a higher state of health where worm infection cannot occur.

Immediate treatment can effect positive benefits by using the Zapper. Be sure to flush the toxins from your body that have come from the dead worms, bacteria and virus by taking Flax or linseed oil and plenty of energised water. It will be necessary to routinely using the Zapper probably daily while there is a chance of reinfection i.e. some significant length of time.

Long term treatment will require bioenergetic preparations  specific to Strongyloides and neural repair as well as a protocol for general body cleanup and achieving a higher state of health.

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