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Shock Trauma and Injury

Many experiences have shown that the faster you treat an injury after it has occurred the faster it is resolved. Also experience has shown that if an injury is not treated with such as homeopathic, bioenergetic, herbal or similar and the energetic damage remains then that area will remain weak and prone to re-injury, infection and so on. This is because the damage is not just physical, but at an energetic level too.
Shock will also remain in all the cells concerned. Shock is the energetic imprint of the incident, throwing the natural system out of balance. Shock kills more animals than anything else. Shock will also knock your mentally and emotionally “out of body”, and being ungrounded and not properly aligned in your body you will be a danger to yourself and others.
Luckily the homeopathic/bioenergetic first aid remedies are extremely effective, and can be taken safely as often as necessary following an injury. Every few minutes in severe acute cases, less frequently in other cases. They are a good painkiller so do not be deceived into thinking all is well because there is little or no pain – always get checked out as necessary for broken bones etc use your common sense and intuition!
Count all medical/physical procedures as shock and trauma, all surgery, dental work, manipulation and so on. All operations should be accompanied by regular dosing of shock and trauma remedies, before during and after. I would say recovery may be up to 75% faster with significant reduction in pain and tissue trauma.

I have compiled two relevant First Aid bioenergetic formulas – one covers Shock and Trauma – and the other Muscle and Tissue damage. Both contain general whole body balancing and alignment patterns. They come in soft lactose 15ml bottle of tablets or a 30ml dropper bottle of purified water containing a little pure alcohol for preservation. the dose is one tablet or two drops on the tongue, the liquid can also be applied/rubbed on the affected area to advantage. To order:

Shock and Trauma

Muscle and Tissue

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