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Radiation and Nuclear Accident Fallout – Treatment

The focus is on the reactor at Fukushima just now and many may be concerned for their well being, with the possibility of exposure to radioactive fallout. Here are a few simple steps to minimise your risk and enhance your manifest life.

The first and most important step to take is to release your personal fear of a nuclear accident, fallout, explosion, radiation, contamination and so on. See the Simple Sedona. Call in Archangel Zadkiel. Sit in your heart centre and ask to be shown the fears – do the releasements. You will help yourself and help to alter the outcome by reducing the collective human fear entity associated with nuclear accident.

Your prayers for a beneficial outcome will have an effect. Please spend time doing this. Groups are being set up to focus the effort for Mother Gaia, use the contact page here to join the group and get specific channeled direction to help Mother Gaia at this time. She requires your assistance now. State your mobile number/email for alerts and any area of expertise (wizardry, angel work, elemental work for example).

Sherling is a Crystal Skull, a Grand Master of the Crystal Skull Conclave he has important advice here for dealing with the current situation. Channeled by Alphedia of

Sherlings Latest Message 15/3/2011

Specific Bioenergetic Preparations are available and are completely safe and I have personally seen them to be very effective in reducing or eliminating the effects of radiation burns and injuries in clients. Injuries created in these cases by deliberate exposure during radiotherapy. The principle in neutralizing the effects of fallout is the same , although in fact the dosage from a fallout cloud is usually significantly lower and less severe than in radiotherapy.

The most significant remedy available at this time for simplicity is the vibration of yellow, this can be used by humans, on animals and on the environment – it can be channeled in meditation or used to sprinkle on the land and environs or take physically. Yellow is a great radiation fallout remedy.

The animals are particularly suffering worldwide at present as they are sensitive to the vibration of the nuclear explosion, irrespective whether they are exposed to the physical radiation. In addition they are sensitive to the collective human fear vibration – as they will try to transmute the negativity to help the human race and themselves. It may be that will cause them suffering as the burden is too great at this time. If you are the guardian of animals please consider their welfare, the combination of Blue and Yellow is recommended.

The elemental and other races that inhabit the planet are also suffering worldwide please consider them in your meditations and send them unconditional love. The Yellow sprinkled in the environment will help them also.

The vibration of The MIlky Way deals with destruction and devastation – it may be too high a vibration for many, but the land will benefit in the area.

Specific radiation remedies in potency will clear cases of radiation sickness and other effects Plutonium, Strontium, Radium Caesium and other variants.

These can be supplied as required as prophylactic or treatment, as with all bioenergetic/homeopathics completely safe and low cost. Get in touch –

Crystals to carry – pre-program them to help you – are Tourmalines, Kyanite, Purpurite, Blue and Imperial Topaz. remember to clean them often.

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