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In addition to the general advice suggested osteoporosis requires the following additional protocols:

Weight bearing exercise rebuilds bones! No matter what your age or condition you can rebuild bone density through the right exercises coupled with the right nutrition including supplements.
Buy wide long rubber exercise bands from any sports supplier, (here is one I found on the web) start with the weakest bands and even if you are bed or chair bound you can invent, or be guided in, weight bearing band stretching exercises to strengthen your bones. You cannot hurt yourself as you will do no more than you are capable of, unlike using actual weights.

Calcium is a king mineral when it comes to living organisms, but we cannot neglect even the trace elements as many are absolutely necessary for correct cell function. In addition to a general foodstate vitamin and mineral I would suggest a foodstate calcium supplement and omega oils. The link here will take you to the products I have found to be exceptional in quality and effectiveness for many patients. The products are Ultraguard Forte (general) Calcitone ( Calcium) Omegatone (oils).

The third protocol is to take homeopathic / bioenergetic preparations of formulas designed to normalise and optimise the bone density and all the related metabolic systems. These can be ordered here:

Bone and Calcium Metabolism

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