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Obesity and Weight Gain

With the huge increase in obesity both male and female we are looking at a trend that predicates a malaise at the very heart of society and food. The individual, not understanding the mechanisms involved has little chance of affecting his or her self without the correct guidance and understanding. No regime of dieting or exercise will overcome a population suffering from mineral and vitamin deficient toxic food. The body eats because it needs – it cannot get the nutrition from the food – so it will eat more to try and satisfy.

Toxins accumulate in the tissues, the body compensates by flooding the tissues with water to dilute the lethal toxic overload. We are overweight. On an individual level the answer is to energetically balance the body, educate the client, ensure change of diet to include foodstate minerals and vitamins, and teach them to select the raw materials as best they can and to cook and prepare in a way they ensure they are getting some nutritive value from the food.

Most patients in this state will present with bowel problems stemming from poor digestion of inappropriate foodstuffs, liver congestion and possible kidney inefficiencies, hence a structured program of colonics, liver flush and kidney cleansing may be indicated. Herbal support for the major organs, homeopathics and bioenergetics all play their part. Everyone is individual and has to be treated as such to get the best result. Adhering to the blood group diet has helped many to avoid the foodstuffs they simply cannot digest and would otherwise increase the toxin levels and maintain the obesity.

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