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Men, over 50 and their hearts.

It is just as well to acknowledge that we have lived through a time where great numbers of western men have not really been used to having an open heart or being used to expressing their emotions – if they can feel them. Especially in the UK the philosophy of keeping the stiff upper lip has yet to disappear and allow men to fully express themselves and maintain an open heart chakra and hence a healthy physical heart. Diet has conspired along with the rest of modern toxic living and stress of work and responsibility to create the potential for heart disease and failure in our current over 50s. By all means change the diet (see Blood group diet) and I certainly take my porridge (with sea salt) every morning. In addition the herbal tincture Crateagus I think is a wonderful and essential heart tonic, 3-5 drops can be taken in a glass of water two or three times a day. Increase exercise and set aside time for a focussed deep relaxation such as meditation.

30ml Dropper Crateagus Tincture

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