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Long Term Anti-depressants and Anti-psycotic drugs withdrawal

In my experience it is relatively easy and safe to come off long term drug prescriptions for the majority of users by using simple protocols.

The bulk of prescriptions of drugs were made in the ignorance or disregard of better ways to tackle the problems and issues presenting at that time. The use of the drugs may have masked the original presenting symptoms but the chemical and energetic action of the chemicals will have introduced symptoms directly attributable to the drugs themselves.

The protocols are :
1. Assess the current state of being through e-LYBRA hair sample or in person and treat the current and original issues with appropriate therapies, often bioenergetic and homeopathic remedies are the best solution but often used in adjunct to other therapies.

2. Support any toxic, stressed or compromised organs (as indicated by e-LYBRA analysis and observation) with specific herbal tinctures.

3. Prepare and take daily bioenergetic “antidote” to the chemical drug prescriptions with the intent of removing all ill effects from the body, both physical and energetic, gently and safely.

4. Use gentle and safe detox methods as necessary to help eliminate chemical toxics such as liver flush, colonics, aqua detox and so on.

5. Look at diet and nutrition, to optimize and eliminate any contra indicated foodstuffs (blood group diet), and support with foodstate supplements where necessary.

6. Allow the client to choose, along with the advice of the other professional advisors involved in the clients care, the optimum rate of reduction and withdrawal from the drug regime, commensurate with the clients desires. Often reduction has been achieved by halving the dose every set period say a week, until complete withdrawal is obvious.

7. Support and supervise.

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