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Hydrogen Peroxide for wound healing

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance used by your bodies white cells in the blood to neutralise foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses and as such it is perfectly safe to use. It is cheaply available from any pharmacy in strengths from 3- 6% or so. You can tell if the hydrogen peroxide solution is working on bacteria because it froths, bubbling vigorously, on clean skin it does not. It is convenient to transfer some of the hydrogen peroxide to a dropper bottle for use – don’t forget to label it clearly!
If a wound is having trouble healing up or stopping bleeding it is usually because bacteria are present and infecting the exposed tissues. Spray or drip or bathe the wound repeatedly with the hydrogen peroxide solution allowing it to dry in the air as much as possible. If still frothing continue applying. It is my experience that the wound will close and heal very quickly after the bacteria are eliminated.

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