Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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e-LYBRA remote session.

Send in the post a sample of your hair, about enough to cover a postage stamp, in a plastic self sealing bag. Do not allow anyone else to touch the hair as it is cut, if they are helping you – just get them to drop it in the bag. Mark the bag with your name, address and telephone number and date of birth. Enclose with the bag a letter with : current medication and diagnosis, current symptoms (detail of type and location of pain etc), and a past medical history either enclose a cheque or pay online here. Cost is £120 Sterling. Includes General BIM remedy, does not include any other medication or supplements that may be suggested.
If you would like a sampling Kit sending out to you please use the contact page here.

Bioenergetic Preparations

Click on the links in the posts to order either in lactose tablets or 5% alcohol in water dropper bottle.  The tablets and water are bioenergetically charged with the vibrations and patterns of the balancing remedies. There are no active chemical constituents.

If you would like a bespoke remedy for a particular (any) condition type your details into the comment box and order:

Bespoke 30ml Dropper Bottle £15.50
Remedy Required For:

Bespoke 15ml Lactose Tablets Bottle £9.50Remedy Required For:

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