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Water – its got to be good

It is essential to drink and cook with good quality water – free from chemicals (chlorine and flourine principally) and energetically cleansed and revitalised. Simply buy a Brita carbon filter or similar and use a Water Enhancer under the filter. Use this for all drinking, tea making and cooking. In this way tap water can be transformed into a palatable drink – not normally the case! If your tap water is very polluted or chemically treated please also consider using a whole house water filtration system – especially if your health is already compromised. It is fine to drink bottled water – just stand on the water enhancer for a minute or so before use. You are approximately 80% water and its is essential for you to be adequately hydrated with good water. Drinking 1.5 to 2L of water a day will help your body recover from any illness, it will struggle if you are dehydrated, as most people are.

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