Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Times nearly up – your situation is serious

The incidence of cancer diagnosis and related life terminating conditions is epidemic. If you have just joined that category it will be a miracle if you have not been filled with fear and negativity from the conventional medical profession. Recognise that energetically you may have been polluted and seriously impaired by the words that have been spoken and the environments and procedures you are experiencing. A hospital is regrettably the worst of places to visit if your health and resistance is low.
Think about your visits and what has been said, how does it make you feel? Will the negative emotions generated help you through this? Will they reduce your pain? I think you know the answer. You have to protect yourself now. The more positive and supporting your environment and the people you meet and talk to the better for you.

Immediate Practical Steps for the Terminal Prognosed

Don’t believe what you have been told – if you think you are going to die you will – its called manifestation.

Eliminate the negativity from yourself and your entire environment – as a start get a set of Raphael spheres (Order Here)

Book Colonics with a practitioner or start self enemas – get the kit now (I have the £8.99 one)

Download the request form and send hair sample for e-LYBRA remote session (prepay here) or book one to one appointment (0131 20 848 20)

Order relevant organ drainage and support remedies

Start the blood group diet – get a blood test kit today if you need one. (Order Test Kit here) If you need the book order it now “Eat Right for your Type

Reassess your diet – make a list of what you eat now – so you can see where to change things.

Order Sportron mineral and vitamin supplements

Organise your water intake – get a Brita filter and start drinking

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