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Eat Right and The Blood Group Diet

Its true – in part you are what you eat. What is also true is that what you are eating can get you into trouble and land you with chronic ill health. The good news is that with taking the right steps you can feel an improvement almost right away.

We as a human race have four main blood groups on the planet, O, A, B and AB. We might as well be different species because each blood group has a differing body chemistry when it comes to digestion, and hence a good food for one may be a toxic poison for another. This explains why the various popular diets will only work for some and not others.

Dr Peter D’Adamo has presented this information to us and in order to get on with it you simply need two things:

1. Your blood Type – if you or your doctor don’t know it then get a self test blood kit.

2. The Book “Eat Right for your Type” – its a bestseller worldwide so is also available from all the usual places.

Follow the guidance in the book to cut out from your foodstuffs the foods that are harmful to you. Eat more of the foodstuffs that are great for you. Even if it changes the habits of a lifetime go with it! The food you are eating will have contributed to the state you are in.

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