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Bio-energetic hair analysis and balancing

There is no doubt that if you can cure disease and illness without using drugs and surgery that is by far the best way to go. For us the cornerstone of the new methods of helping ourselves back to health, or even better preserving and keeping our health, is bioenergetic therapy using an e-LYBRA device to analyse and re-balance remotely from a hair sample (or in person if possible). This is non-invasive, using no chemicals or drugs and is easily done and safely administered, no pain, no distress.

Over the years time and time again the e-LYBRA has caused improvement (in many species – not just human) where all else had failed, providing insight and the means to enable a return to health. It is a turning point for many and I have often witnessed the client improving in front of my eyes as the session progresses.

The e-LYBRA works at a quantum level identifying and sending out corrective impulses as homeopathic type frequencies and patterns, to adjust and balance the underlying energy systems that control and predicate the physical world. In its data bank it hold over 250,000 patterns and treats the physical. emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It will also indicate where the outside world is impacting on the client, such as non recovery from trauma, poor diet, emfs and so on.

Humans are all unique with individual experiences so it is important to treat everyone as an individual with a tailored treatment. We often recommend herbal tinctures, flower and other essences as an adjunct and complementary to the bioenergetics.

How to get your e-LYBRA session :

Practically speaking all you have to do is clip a little hair (doesn’t matter where from) about enough to cover a large postage stamp will do and place in a sealable plastic bag. Label it with your name and date of birth and your address and telephone number. Download the request sheet and fill out and post the sample and sheet to us. Enclose a cheque or prepay here.

What we will do is run the e-LYBRA analysis. Look at the results, contact you with recommendations specifically tailored for you. Send you the summary of the recommendations and a bottle of remedy made concurrently with the e-LYBRA session to take daily over the next month. It may be that other remedies or supplements are indicated in which case we will advise and offer you them.

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