Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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First Up – Commitment and Change

The essential first step is to commit yourself to understanding what got you into this state and what you have to do to get out of it and restore your health and vitality. Take on board the fact that you have to change, in your thinking, your emotional state, your diet and everyday habits, attitudes and relationships. It was the way and how you have been living that got you into the state you are in.

If you feel any resistance within you to the idea of changing any aspect, then surely that aspect is one you must look at and change. Make a list – you actually know what you are doing to harm yourself. If you can’t do it – get on the phone and make an appointment with someone who can help.

Much is changing and rapidly in the world today. New energies are arriving onto the planet, driving out the old, bringing things in the physical, mental and emotional spheres to a head, those issues that resist must be dealt with or inevitably things worsen until the body can cope no longer.

There is much that can be done to help the passage through these times, all you have to do is embrace the need for change and embark on the journey. You will be surely and willingly guided on the path by your guardian angels that surround you, all you have to do is ask for their assistance.

If you are failing at the first hurdle, that of embracing change, then please just order the Australian Bush Essence called Bauhinia. It is transformative in clearing the blocks to change, usually related to deep fears of the unknown. It will actually be a good friend to all throughout the journey, whenever the resistance to change arises.

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