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Binaural Beat Technology

You can use binaural beat technology to help you relax and achieve deep mediation states without the need for mental discipline and years of practice. Allowing your mind to achieve these deeper states facilitates relaxation, recovery from stressful states (including any illness), and allows you to improve meditation and states for communications with other realms and your higher self. The more you listen to these programs the more you develop your brain and its ability to be in a state of relaxation at all times – bringing many benefits.

All you need to start is a program – the one I used, and can recommend as highly effective is one from Centrepointe Technologies who will send you out a sample cd. There are others – it just that I haven’t tried them. You do require a pair of headphones and of course a cd player and some time to set aside to do the program regularly. The upside is that by doing the program, and achieving deep relaxation for a period of time during the day you end up needing less sleep – I found an hours meditation listening to the program reduced the need for sleep by two hours thereby gaining an extra hour a day to do what you will with.

I found huge benefit from just the starter level from Centrepointe, but of course you can take it as far as you wish.

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