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The Recovery Buddy

One of the worst things about being seriously ill is that your brain is often unable to function correctly, leading to being unfocussed, memory loss and just plain unable to think or cope. In this instance your best bet for survival and recovery is to find a friend who is prepared to do their best for you. To think for you, to keep you to your routines and to make sure you follow the therapies and regimes that are going to get you well. Often there are energetic constructs or thought forms that we hold as part of being unwell that actually stop us from helping ourselves, your friend can help you remove these or get the help that is needed to do so. The sicker you are the more demanding and time consuming this becomes for the “buddy” so have a care and make sure they get the breaks and support they need as well.

If you can still exert your own will, have mobility and can keep your focus then the odds are you don’t need anyone so full on, but to have someones hand to hold when it gets tough, and to have someone else to help manifest your recovery will be valuable indeed. But if you are on you own don’t let that stop you taking control of your health and getting a full recovery!

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