Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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The spiral of health

It is not difficult to see the analogy of spiralling down into ill health, one thing impacting detrimentally upon another, one organ affecting another, infection spreading and so on. There is only one outcome if things continue in that direction, and it will come sooner rather than later. Things may apparently stabilise and conditions become what is called chronic, but if no action has been taken to reverse the trend, things are surely getting worse the while.

Therefore in order to build vitality and return to better health all we have to do is reverse this spiral of decline into a positive ascending spiral, where each improvement you effect on your body will result in further improvements, a positive knock on effect, rather than negative.

How we are going to achieve that will be different for everyone as we all have a different story, but certain actions in combination I have found will help you turn the corner, and get back on the road to health. In no particular order:

Do physical body clean ups and balancing
Change your food and drink to a beneficial diet
Spiritual, mental and emotional clean ups and balancing
Remove the negative elements impacting on you from your environment and lifestyle
Supplement your food with relevant “foodstate” vitamins and minerals
Drink plenty of good water
Take control of your life – it is yours to own
Adopt the most positive attitude
Bring Love and Beauty into your life

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