Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Herbal Help

By using what is a homeopathic (minute) dose of herbal preparations we can still have a medicinal effect but very safely indeed. By this I mean 3-5 drops of homeopathic mother tincture in a glass of water to be taken 2-3 times a day. This type of regular dosing has a gentle and beneficial effect on the organ system targeted, increasing vitality and efficiency. This simplicity of dosing mean that self diagnosis and prescription works fine, as the effect is only beneficial and there is little need for concern, except where you are taking conventional medication. As the organs return to health the chemical medication will have to be reduced and that will require monitoring to avoid overdose.

By bioenergetically encoding the herbals with homeopathic and other patterns we can create a very powerful combination to specifically treat all types of conditions.

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