Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Earth Keepers

IT is time to leave behind conventional mindsets and thinking. We are embarking on a new phase of life on planet earth and you elected to be here, to experience and serve.
We are co-guardians of the transition here to assist Gaia with her healing and transformation and to assist the human race to prepare itself for the sojourn through the photon belt and the move to a 4th dimensional existence.
Now is the time to cast off all that does not serve, material possessions, relationships, thought forms, emotional charges.
The astrological weather is perfect through 2012 and beyond.
Many beings are here to assist us with this transformation, from other star systems, the Angelic realms and many others.

Separate out and discard what are your fears and the illusion of fantasy futures.

Sit in your heart and feel what is right and true to do. Now. Be and know who you truly are. Now.

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