Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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Creation of Reality

We all create and are responsible for our own reality. We select others to co create, mainly to support our view of the world. Thus creating a dependency that can become a trap, as all we can see is the emotions and thought processes within the small world we have created.

We are however immensely powerful creators, Gods and Goddesses, capable of literally anything we desire. As Planet Earth moves towards ascension in the 2012 portal our manifestations more rapidly become our reality. The 4th dimension world is one of instant manifestation. So important to think the reality we want not our fears, anxieties and worries.

Refrain from getting trapped into thinking that things will change/get better/improve without the change of mind from within yourself. Everything external is a reflection of your inner being and desires. All it requires is to think another way, which actually is only a thought, an instant away.

If you really want to be healthy, independent, happy then really desire that now, hold that desire, desist from occupying your mind and emotional body with negative and restrictive thoughts. Hold the belief you can have whatever you want, do whatever you want to do. In accordance with the highest good for all and Divine Will. Now.

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