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Clearing everyday negativity

We all pick up low vibration or “negative” energies and thought patterns from contact with everyday sources. We will not be able to function properly and will feel horrible or “out of sorts” when we are carrying this debris.

The immediate remedies to try are :
1. Carrying programmed protection crystals, I use clear quartz, sugalite, seraphinite, selenite, (and others!)
2. Foot soaking for 15-20mins in water with seasalt added, get into a routine, nice before bed or when you come in.
3. Burning candles to raise the vibration in the room. Create an altar to hold the higher vibration.
4. You can also use candles to clean a persons aura – move the candle in slow circular movements throughout the aura – spitting and spluttering indicate areas of negativity – keep going until clear.
5. Wafting a feather also or using a crystal such as sugalite, seraphinite or selenite with the same movements and intent works well as well.
6. Chakra mediations -guided meditations on CD are a good intro – again getting into a routine is key.
7. Shower in morning and before bed with the intent of clearing all negativity.
8. Using incense or Angel sprays in the room to raise the vibration.
9. Pay extra attention to cleanliness – no accumulations of debris or dust or dirt in the house. I program my vacuum to remove all negativity as well as dust and dirt.
10. Meditation in general with clearing negativity as the aim – there are many techniques to experiment with.
11. Perhaps the most powerful tool are the ascension spheres ( ) they connect you directly to the Angel or Archangel /Ascended Master in a portal of energy to allow them to assist you with clearing the issue or problem. For general assistance with negative debris Archangel Michael, The Mercenary Angels (perhaps best), Archangel Raphael, Archangel Zadkiel or whoever you are guided specifically to work with.
12. The remedies from the e-LYBRA contain clearing patterns and frequencies – so taking them will help.

Use protection when walking out again lots of techniques but imagining yourself enclosed in a golden bubble is good, draw in your aura to its optimum size and make sure you are grounded at all times. Carry crystals and avoid the areas and people you know are going to affect you!

I sit within a circle of the ascension spheres when working on the internet, I do not watch televison and rarely expose myself to tabloid newspapers, all these act as conduits for negative energies.

If you get in trouble and cannot clear it yourself – ask for help! Others can often see what you cannot and can act when you are paralyzed by the very thing you want to get rid of.

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