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The Body Energetic

Here we start to look at the body energetic, the unseen (by most) body that supports and dictates the functioning of the physical body.

A good friend of mine once told me all physical illness has an energetic disturbance associated with it. It was valuable advice indeed, as experience has born out. If you do not deal with the energetic element of any illness or disease it simply will not get better. One way of looking at it is that we are all incarnate with an energetic ie vibrational ‘blueprint’ of how our physical bodies are built up and work. It is the coding associated on the physical level with the DNA and genes. If a trauma, for example, damages our ‘blueprint’ we are left with an area in our energetic bodies that is weak and will manifest physical problems such as pain or infection. This is obvious when you consider the site of an old cut may show a scar and you feel pain from it years after the event, despite the body shedding and renewing its skin continuously. The body energetic ‘blueprint’ has also been damaged.

Imagine we can see a perfectly functioning energetic body, we would seeing a high vibration manifesting perhaps as a pure colour or shades of colour – no darker areas indicating low frequency or discordant vibration.

Damage to your energetic body can be seen with darker areas of lower vibration. These areas are made up of two components – the vibration or frequency, and the information encoded with it. These can be small or large, carrying small amounts of information or very large with huge encoding, after they reach a certain size they carry their own conciousness – they become ‘beings’ in their own right – living in your energy system.

They can have arrived in your energy system from without – from events in your environment, from other people or you many have created them yourself. A lot of illness is self created!

It is essential to clean up these low vibration energies and beings from your system and keep them out, and keep removing them. As until you are stronger energetically, they will tend to reform (if they are self creations and you have not dealt with the thought patterns that form them), or you will tend to pick them up just because you are still weak in that area.

These ‘beings’ and other low vibration entities live and grow on what is termed low or negative energies. That is fear, worry, anxiety, hate and so on. We are constantly bombard by ‘negative’ news on the media, friends love to dump their worries and drama on you. If your health is compromised avoid all negative media and all negative people. If what they are saying makes you feel down – avoid them. You must move to a positive uplifted feeling inside yourself, one of love and peace, for yourself and the world, anything that disturbs your calm must be dealt with.

In summary

Clean up by removing all low vibration trauma residue, thought forms, entities and beings.

Get into a routine for regularly checking your system and cleaning up

Lift the vibration of your environment and avoid negative media and situations

Foster and grow within you the feelings of Love and Peace for Yourself and the World.

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