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Simple Night Time Psychic Protection

If you are being seriously bothered by psychic visitation and there is a crisis point where you need instant relief (usually night-time stuff) then this is for you. Get one of those plastic table salt containers and walk around outside the property running a continuous trail of salt to form a circle ( as near as you can! ). The chant to say as you do it is

“with this ring I do enclose our sanctuary of safe repose”

at the end give gratitude and thanks to the beings who are going to be helping and watching over you during the night. Call in angels, dragons – whoever you are happy working with. The salt circle can also be used around the bed or around the bedroom.

Raise the vibration of your room (s) by any means possible but get a copy of the 23rd psalm sung by Tom Kenyon. By playing this, maybe repeatedly, you will afford yourself great protection. I have witnessed visible light having formed in a space where it had just finished playing. Angel essences sprays/smudging/incense all help. Tibetan chimes and drumming will also space clear ready for a good nights rest.

I also use the Ascension Spheres around the bed, activating them as I go to bed with the intention of protection and a good nights rest. I have used Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon, Dragons and a number of others.

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