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Sacred Space

Some of our ancestors knew all about sacred space and how to use the flows of energy in the landscape to make their homes healthy places to live. They knew how to build using sacred geometries to create high vibration spaces. Cathedrals, churchs, temples, stone circles can be seen and experienced today.

Our homes are far from ideal. Bathed in wifi, 50kHz hum, bluetooth, TV, and built without regard to creating a healthy living space. Polluted with slow release toxins from modern materials. High vibration means building health, how can we simply make some significant changes to our environment with the most effect?

This is where the properties of crystals and stones can really help the human race. Look upon them as your friends and a friend that will continue to do whatever you ask, for as long as you need. Crystals hold intent and frequency patterns as well as having their own particular properties. They will just be there sending out their help to create the space you need to survive and grow in.

You can carry crystals around with you in your pockets and on your person, properly programmed they can protect you, raise your vibration and improve your state of being 24/7. The crystal book I use to choose my stones is “The Book of Stones” by Simmons and Ahsian- beautiful experience just reading it! You will be guided to the ones you need, whether in a shop or mail order, and the ones you use will be added to and change with time and your particular situation.

A candle lit in your room will raise the vibration and hold the space, burning incense now and again will help clear the space. If things are bad get a smudge stick of sage and go throughout the house putting the smoke everywhere intending all negative beings and forms are going to leave, open a window for them to go. Clapping, shouting, drumming or cymbals will also dispel negative invasions, again intent is the key, the sounds are the energy the intent travels on.

There are many space and personal sprays available to use in your space and aura. I recommend Hazel Raven’s range, the Angel of Light Spray is ideal for clearing the room, especially after it has been polluted by negative energies from others.

A specially programmed sacred space creating tool are the Ascension Spheres. They are programmed to create a sacred space to allow a certain Angel, Deity or being to come down to your vibrational level, to work with you to raise your vibrational rate up nearer theirs and heal you. All the Ascension Spheres are programmed to protect you whilst activated or carried about your person. Purely to raise the vibration of your environment place crystals in your rooms, quartz and selenite are good programmable crystals for this purpose. If you would like crystals specially attuned to the place you live in and yourself, or for a specific purpose please use the contact form and we can get the details we need to program and send you some.

Keep the space clean! dirt and clutter drop the vibration of a room. Pay attention to any areas that tend to gather dirt and debris – they tend to be areas of stagnant energy – not what you want. Use feng shui principles to reorder the energy flows and get a good vibrant home.

Having a TV on, bluetooth and wifi scramble the energetic structure in the environment, as well as you. To build healing sacred space structures in a room very simply get “Silent Healing” CD from WDS, it creates many special structures in the room as you are playing it – silently as it says. It works – well.

Sacred music played will raise the vibration of the room and have a direct positive effect on you. As I type this I have Tom Kenyon singing “Songs of Magdalen” in my headphones – wonderful. Investigate him, see what you like and are drawn to. Jonathan Goldman’s “The Lost Chord” is fantastic for holding a calm quiet space.

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