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I would like to draw your attention to the energetic nature of the internet and facebook type interaction. Be in no doubt that the internet (just as television and mobile phones or just meeting someone in the street etc etc) can impact upon your body ‘s subtle structures. If you are lucky this will be in a positive way, but most of the time you are picking up all sorts of negative energies and accumulating them to your detriment.

It is so necessary to be aware and cleanse yourself and remove the hooks, cords and other unwelcome attachments that impact on you while working at the computer. Most clients come with an overload of energetic debris and attachments, to be on facebook is usually counterproductive.

Facebooking can display an addictive nature that I believe is part of a “facebook being” that will try to hook the unwitting into obsessive interaction. Possibly this is a manifestation of the original desires of the creators for worldwide domination of communications.

As through this medium you are in direct energetic contact with other peoples’ raw states, it behoves the everyone to protect themselves as best they can. I use ascension spheres – specially programmed crystals – which raise your vibration to protect you and cleanse you.

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