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Cultured buttermilk is a great addition to your diet bringing superior nutrition and balancing digestion. It is an essential component in all my bread and dough making for pre-soaking the flour.

Do It Yourself Goat Buttermilk Culture

This is very simple just two ingredients – one carton of full fat goat milk (or any milk) and one carton of cultured buttermilk. Better organic if you can source it.

Buttermik culture warming on radiator

Pour 1/4 of the buttermilk into a clean glass jar and then pour in the milk. Cover with a cling film and leave in a convenient place at room temperature. Swirl occasionally to mix.

After a day or so the milk will have a thicker consistency and will start to separate – it is ready to use! Place in refrigerator. It keeps without spoiling for some long time. Retain some of the buttermilk you have made, transfer to a clean jar and add your milk for your next batch.

If your culture becomes contaminated, it will taste, look and smell not quite right. Discard all and start again with fresh commercially available buttermilk. Pay more attention to cleanliness!

Drink buttermilk on its own if you like or use in smoothies, but principle use for me is in all my breadmaking and baking, soaking flour before use.

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