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Our Food

As our sensitivities increase as we shed the lower and coarser vibrations and energetic patterns, our requirement for food changes. Not so much as in the choice of food (although that on an individual basis is important as discussed in the Blood Group diet) as in the absolute requirement for food that will enhance our vibrational state of being and not detract from it.

Food has the energetic qualities of where it was grown, who grew it, whatever poisons, chemicals or fertilizers were used, who harvested it, where and how it was then processed, stored and transported and by whom. And that includes the way it was stacked on the shelves, the forklift driver and also the vibration and energy of the person operating the checkout.

The upshot of all this is that poor vibrational food with a good dose of energetic toxins and negativity will detract from our well being, compromise our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functioning, in short will make us sick. You are what you eat. Vibrationally as well as physically.

I am talking about subtle differences but because of our developing sensitivity and also the incredible sensitivity of the incoming souls onto the planet it has a profound effect on us. Let us look at what our options are in choice of food and what can be done to ensure the best for us and our offspring. Worst first.

Genetically modified crops.
These are a waiting time bomb for the planet and for you personally if you eat them. Covert human and other intention is embedded in these modified crops. Resist in all situations.

Conventionally grown
These foods vary considerably but generally share the toxic mixture of chemical poisons used to control weeds and insects. If you have no choice but to buy and use these fruits and vegetables use all your senses at the counter or supermarket shelf to determine which are the best, least damaged available. This will vary depending on degree of exposure to toxins, mineral availability in the soil, sunlight, and environmental and handling conditions. Choose wisely.

Processed foods and prepared meals.
All processed foods carry the energetic signatures of the machinery used, the cleaning agents used in the factories and the vibration of the workers in the factory. At worst you are buying a food which will impact negatively on you, supplying little or no positive benefit, other than making you feel you have had a meal. I.e. you are “full”. This is in addition to the unknown quality and provenance of the ingredients used, additives, stabilizers , colorings and so on. In many cases you are buying fancy chemistry designed by people in offices with embedded intent to make you buy and consume their product. Make the move to sourcing and preparing your own food.

Conventionally grown and processed staples.
These are the foods we consume vast quantities of and they stand implicated for the demise of the physical health of the human race (see book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston Price). Generally crops selected for quantity rather then nutritional qualities they are grown in quantity on poor soils, offer little in mineral content, often diseased and highly dosed with chemicals. Then processed, removing what good bits there are.
White Wheat Flour and White Sugar – remove them completely from your diet.

There is a strong addition for some people to processed food, especially white sugar products such as sweets. Be aware that there can be energetic patterns placed in products to make you buy and consume them. This just now I suspect is the norm. Even the intent of the package designer is a powerful energetic force to resist. Perhaps the most obvious example is coca cola and its variants diet coke especially, – quite the worst thing in my opinion you could take into your body. Stop and examine just what you are doing buying and putting this stuff into your body. If you need help to get out of this trap – ask. There are crystals, remedies and homeopathics that will help.

Organic produce is a very mixed bag of stuff. It is very variable in its vibrational quality and nutritional value. Done well by caring people and bought direct from the farm where things look vibrant and healthy is the best it gets. Source it if you can. At worse it is a toss up whether you would go for conventionally grown for nutrition or organic for toxin free. There is a system gap in a lot of organic production that leaves the crop mineral deficient and open to disease.
Remember also that the food will carry the vibration of all who have come into contact with it, and in meat and animal products the energetic patterns of the conditions the animals and birds have been raised in, and the stresses they have been subjected to.

This system takes account of and works with the forces involved in growing and rearing on the farm. Acknowledging the Nature Spirits and Divas, effects and influence of Sun, Moon and Stars and brings the crop into harmony with Nature, acknowledging the seasons and the optimum time for planting and harvesting. Although few and far between biodynamic farms produce food of the highest quality and nutritional value. Treasure it when you find it. Value these pioneers and their knowledge.

Homeopathically reared animals
Again if you can find them, farms using homeopathic instead of conventional toxic drug medicine produce far superior animals, both nutritionally and vibrationally. Homeopathically treated crops are alas virtually unknown.

Home Produced
Wa hey! If you elect to go down this road you have the potential to get not only good nutritional food, but a lot of pleasure from producing and harvesting your own, working in concert and harmony with Gaia and the Elementals. Done well (incorporating organic and biodynamic principles and practice) it is incomparable with any of the above. Your love and care with reap huge rewards for you and your friends and family.

Harmonic food.
This is the future. Bioenergetically harmonized food will be energetically pure and of the highest vibration. Nutritionally far superior to food currently available it will enhance and sustain us through the changes and times ahead into the New Golden Age on Planet Earth.

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