Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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One to One Consultation

At this time it is vital to work to purify and cleanse all our bodies, physical as well as etheric in order to survive the changes in vibrational frequency as planet earth progresses through the ascension process.

At times we will be perfectly capable of doing the work and we will know what is to be done. At other times we won’t have a clue. That is where the expertise of Auraengus is available to help. By working with you on a one to one basis, whether in person, by email and skype, you will be able to progress faster and more efficiently, to achieve the spiritual progress and physical health you desire.

As a matter of course during the consultation there is an e-LYBRA analysis and remedy created. Full history and state of being is discussed, and appropriate advice or therapies suggested. Releasements are practiced as indicated when they arise and suitable self help methods of spiritual, energetic and physical cleansing suggested.

The nature of the one to one relationship is as variable as the people involved as each relationship is tailored to your current requirements. Personal visits are about one and a half hours long and are costed at £75. Best results are obtained with ongoing appointments, usually monthly, and these are at the reduced price for block booking of £67.50.

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