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Sounds dramatic – it really isn’t, but its parasite, bacteria and virus killing makes this a valuable simple therapy. Zappers are available from Healthleads in the UK. Read the info there for the details. Basically using the device is very easy – wet the contact straps and put them round your wrists and turn the zapper on. Only thing to watch is to keep the straps moist and firmly on – otherwise it will start to itch and maybe burn the skin – the answer is to keep them wet! How often and for how long is dependent on what you need, the sicker you are the longer you need. This is a must to be added into your routine. Our polluted bodies are open to parasites, bacteria and virus – and you have to keep zapping as you will be constantly reinfected from the environment until your body has been cleaned up enough for its natural defenses to resume normal protection. The more sophistication zapper versions offer specific localised zapping for infected organs – the more focused the action the more effective its going to be. As you get to know your body and your condition better this could be a good investment.

Drink plenty to flush out the toxins created when the bugs are killed, and it would be a good idea to take some digestive enzymes as well or a drink of pineapple juice to help digest the parasites. In my experience the zapper is perfectly safe and I have seen it removing symptoms during the session, a sure indicator that parasites, bacteria and virus are contributing to the  overall problem. An example was listening to a heart returning to normal beating for the first time for many years as the heart dog worm (Dirofilaria immitis) was killed and its toxins no longer affected the heart muscle firing mechanism of a teenage boy.

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