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Liver and Gallbladder Flush

This procedure is probably the most dramatic and beneficial process you can do for your body. It is more than likely that from birth the tubes in our livers have been accumulating rubbish and blocking up. After a while the liver loses efficiency, and our bodies deteriorate in many many different ways, with every sort of chronic disease and pain potentially being related to compromised liver functions. If the liver does not remove the toxins as necessary from the blood, every cell in the body suffers. If the liver cannot produce the enzymes necessary to digest our food, the food stagnates and ferments in the gut, causing wind and pain, often accompanied by parasites such as worms and flukes living in the toxic conditions (they love to live there!). The liver flush is exactly that – it simply and easily allows you to get rid of accumulated blockages, restoring correct liver function and allowing the body to recover.

The steps to success are:

1.  Purchases of carton Epsom Salts, Bottle olive oil, 6 Litres Apple juice and two red grapefruit. You will also need a pint sealable jar, tablespoon measures and glasses. If you need to know more get the book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz published by Cygnus and read it. Many thanks to Andreas for his work in this field!

andreas moritz - the amazing liver and gallbladder flush - book

2. Book a session of colonic irrigation  or at least buy a do it yourself enema kit and use it, ideally just before the flush. If you have had any difficulties with your digestive tract at all please see a colonic irrigation practitioner if at all possible as they are best placed to advise and help make sure there are no blockages  that would cause the highly toxic discharge from the liver to be delayed in or get stuck in the intestines.  In extreme cases you may need several sessions before doing the flush, but they will benefit you greatly in themselves by removing old impacted stuff stopping the proper function of the intestines and colon.

3. If you experience kidney pain or have had a history of kidney problems it is advisable to improve the kidney function before the flush.

4. Set aside a suitable time for the flush – over a weekend or two consecutive days off. Best at new moon not at full moon.

5. In the six days leading up to the flush day drink 1 litre of apple juice in addition to your normal diet. Drink “in between meals” throughout the daytime. It is better also to adopt a “lighter” diet for the week, less fats, meat, dairy and alcohol, avoid chilled or cold foods. If you cannot take apple juice see Andreas’ book for alternatives.

6. You are probably dehydrated so up your intake of good water to 6-8 glasses a day.

7. On the appointed day stop all food and drink apart from water after 1.30pm. No sugar, protein, fats or dairy during the day. Eat something like oatmeal, plain boiled rice, steamed vegetables. Do a water enema at some time during the day when convenient.

8.  At 6pm dissolve one tablespoon of Epsom salts in 6oz glass of filtered water. Use magnesium citrate if you can’t do the epsom salts. Drink it! This dilates the bile ducts and clears out waste in the digestive tract.

9. At 8pm dissolve one tablespoon of Epsom salts in 6oz glass of filtered water and drink.

10. At 9.45pm Squeeze your grapefruit to give 3/4 glass of juice and 1/2 glass of olive oil into your sealable jar and shake to emulsify.

11. At 10.00pm Stand next to your bed and drink it straight down. LIE DOWN immediately. Head higher on pillows than abdomen. DO not speak. Lie perfectly still. Meditate on your liver and the process involved, you may feel the stones starting to move gently down. This is pain free and you now need to sleep. If you have urging for a bowel movement – do so, there may well be stones passing already. Any nausea experienced will pass.

12. At 6am or so (not before) the  following morning dissolve one tablespoon of Epsom salts in 6oz glass of filtered water and drink. Rest, read , go back to bed, but best keeping the body more or less upright (gravity is good).

13. At 8am dissolve one tablespoon of Epsom salts in 6oz glass of filtered water and drink.

14. By 10 – 10.30am You can slowly reintroduce nourishment, starting with fruit juice, half hour later , some fruit, an hour later return to normal light diet. Keep the diet light for next 2-3 days.

15. Ideally within the next  two to three days book in for a colonic irrigation or at minimum do the DIY enema, to remove any stones that might get trapped in the intestines. Note : drink water whenever thirsty except just after the Epsom salt and for two hours after the olive oil mixture. Be astonished how many stones you get out and recognise the debility you have been suffering because of your blocked liver pipes.

16. Ongoing if you can manage it monthly cleanses would be great, only consider your liver is stone free if no stones come out in two consecutive flushes. Then six monthly flushes to take account of ongoing accumulation.

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