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Vows, Covenants and Promises

It is not only in this lifetime that we have made promises in a rash moment, or even in all earnestness only to discover later it was not a terribly good idea. The problem is the Universe recognises these contracts and holds you to them. You hold the vibration or frequency pattern of the vow within your energy system. This can seriously screw your life.

For example; very common are vows of poverty ( all past life monks and nuns please hold your hands up) that will hold you in penury until revoked. Wedding vows are a serious commitment and statement but with most western marriages now ending in divorce, how many subsequent relationships are doomed from the start, just because in the eyes of the Universe and within your sphere you are still married to the first party?

It may be that in reading this you have contracts and statements you have made coming to mind already – fine grab a notepad and get them written down. The more info and focus you can devote to this task the more effective it with be. Go into meditation and ask for the contracts affecting you to be shown to you, again note them down. If you need high powered help for this the Fifth Element Ascension Portal will help you access past life events.

Find a sacred space to be in – it could be on a lonely hill top as some shouting is in order. It is time to release those vows. Shout out with determination, focus and force:

“I rescind and revoke all  vows, deeds, covenants, and promises in this and all lifetimes, in all realms and dimensions and in all time and space” repeat at least three times becoming more determined each time.

It is more powerful to be particular so bring into the statement the actual vow you need clearing such as :

“I rescind and revoke all  vows of poverty in this and all lifetimes, in all realms and dimensions and in all time and space”


“I rescind and revoke all  vows and promises of marriage to (insert name) in this and all lifetimes, in all realms and dimensions and in all time and space” imagine the person (s)  involved there before you as you say the words – hand back the ring tear up the document etc.

Major contracts to clear include, Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. Engagements, Marriages, Servitude and Financial. Promises can be made in an unguarded moment with the best of intentions, such as “I will always Love you” or “I will always look after you”. This may be a nice idea at the time but it is very inappropriate and potentially damaging to imprison yourself with  a promise to another  that well may take advantage of your vow of eternal love or care and make life difficult for you.

Statements exacted as a child  by even well meaning parents can severely hinder your life, health and happiness. “Promise me you will……” fill in the gaps and rescind parental limitations!

After doing this level of clearing the next step is to release all the cell memories of the contracts. All cells have a memory of everything that has happened to you and it is a great idea to ask for the vibration of the commitment to be released from your cells. So:

” I ask for all the cell memories of (fill in the detail) to be released from me now.”

It is very fine to shout, scream or make noises when you are releasing this stuff – it helps it go. To really help with release the ascension spheres of the Violet Flame and Archangel Zadkiel or The Pheonix will achieve a wonderful clearance.

After this releasement be aware that your system will be out of balance and will require:

The spaces filling. Intend green healing light or pink Divine Love or whatever you intuit to flow to all the gaps and spaces left. Visualize this occurring. If you have difficulty with this call in Archangel Raphael or other healing Angels, deities or ascended masters to do this work for you. If you have an Ascension sphere  set ( I work with Merlin and Raphael) to sit in while this process occurs so much the better. If you do not fill up the spaces and seal your aura you are in danger of having other stuff opportunely taking advantage of your weakness.

Grounding. Do a grounding meditation and get fresh air and nature.

Drink Water. This will be a profound healing and most likely will have a profound effect on your physical body also, a detox is likely so drink plenty of water ( with a small pinch of sea salt) to enable the released toxins to exit the body.

You will feel so much lighter and freer after doing this work.

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1 Jessica { 04.18.14 at 4:15 am }

Thank you for sharing…. This was useful. I feel relief from many emotions that frankly did not make sense!

2 Stephanie { 10.12.14 at 11:35 am }

Thank you. I was looking this up for a friend. I said the words ad an exercise, I was surprised by how much it affected me.

3 Jasmine { 01.04.15 at 8:01 am }

Thankyou, I just understood a vow that I took in teenage n how felt tied to the person and guilty after I broke up for years to come. I can clearly see how it defined my life for years. The fact that this was done in discusssion with my mom, it felt like I had her blessing. I hope I can now let go and be free.

4 Vyoma { 09.01.15 at 1:05 pm }

Thank you so much.This is absolutely wonderful!