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Projecting Thoughtforms

If we carry anxiety, worry, concern, fear for another and indeed fantasize about a possible outcome, we create the possibility of that outcome with our very thoughts. ie. we have the thought of lets say “This is awful and a disaster, so bad for all concerned”. With having that thought we connect back to a time when indeed that was the perceived state of affairs. We connect into the emotions felt at that time and relive them (this may be conscious or unconscious). This gives energy to the thought form we created by having the thought. It now has substance and a life of its own. If there is a subject of these thoughts, he or she then has this thoughtform projected to him or her and it connects and starts to affect them negatively. This can travel through the ethers, email, text, phone, direct contact with our continued thoughts it grows and grows in strength. It then can become a “being” or entity” with its own consciousness , powers and abilities to affect the subject and all around. It then will try to create the situation it embodies, even if that reality was previously not a possibility. With all the attendant physical sequelae, and emotional upset.
Look inside yourself at the beliefs you are holding – if they are unable to be reconciled with the truth, let them go. It is as well to say to yourself ” is this true” look for the answer in your heart. Resist looking in your head for the answer.
You are a powerful creators, all anxiety, fear, worry, concern – all negative thoughts and emotions created by you are projected into your world – that you are re-creating constantly. Those around you reflect your thoughts with their state of being and actions. Your anxiety ties you to people and situations until you recognise that which is within you to release and clear. Once the vibration is gone you have regained a degree of freedom. Which will feel good.

And then the next one comes up for clearing. Do not beat up on yourself, the human race has been programmed to think in these ways and is still being programmed though the media, television especially. So release any sense of guilt, that is also a programmed reaction, to pull you down into the control of others, to dis-empower. Just keep moving towards the light

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