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Energetic cords

Very simply energetic cords are the channels created between two beings along which psychic energy can travel. Just as they can deliver energy (either positive or negative) the cords can also drain you of energy. If you are feeling drained for no apparent reason the odds are someone has attached to you. Very commonly it maybe someone you have just met or even a close family member who may have developed psychic energy dependency upon you.

The cords can be created from strong feelings in the other person such as jealousy or hatred, in which case differing emotions attach to specific organs in the body. These attachments can drain the organ of life force, create under functioning and disease and be very debilitating.

To find out who is affecting you quiet yourself and drop into a meditative state and ask the question “who is attached to me with cords?” and a face or a name will come into your mind. In all probability, unless you have been doing clearing work, and even if you have, there will be many many cords, possibly created over many lifetimes. Nevertheless deal with the most pressing and obvious!

To clear cords essentially we have to cut them. If you are conversant with visualizations imagine a sword of light in your hand, see the cords and cut them, with humility, asking it be for the greater good of all. After the cord has been cut imagine the cut end disappearing off to the person who sent it, and visualize healing green light pouring into the place where it was attached. You may ask for them to be healed also. Cutting major cords will have a significant impact on both yourself and the other person, be aware of ramifications.

Where you have a particular organ affected and have cut all the cords to it imagine it encased in a gold covering and intend this to prevent further attachments forever.

If you are not familiar with visualizing or so debilitated it is difficult to get into the right space, you can call upon Archangel Michael to come and cut the cords, best if you can vocalize it and specify the person concerned. Create a sacred space to do the work in, light a candle, burn some incense, it makes it easier for the Angels to come into your dimension. After Michael has finished you can call upon Archangel Raphael to come and heal the wounds left. Thank them and send them gratitude for their efforts for you. Sitting or lying in Ascension Spheres will instantly create a great space to do the work in.

Be aware that some people will so want that connection to your energy field (its nice -for them, they need your support, they really are jealous etc etc) that they will re-create the cord almost straight away. It may be necessary to repeat the exercise often and also employ other means to stop the infringement of your energy system.

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