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Blocks to asking for help – Archangel Zadkiel

For most of us asking for help is very difficult. We persist in our troubles when bountiful help is all around us, even unto death. Why do we do this? – it is creating misery for ourselves.

In the main it is due to mental and emotional constructs or blocks we have been bought up with and/or created ourselves following difficult and unresolved experiences (in this life and others). Indeed even just by realising that it is only what we have been told and our incorrect thinking that is blocking us, we can set ourselves free.

The problem is that when a thought pattern is repeated or an emotion is experienced it reinforces the original so it becomes stronger and stronger, so that in an extreme case can completely dominate your existence. In practice this creates an energetic cloud that can become so dense as to almost take on a life of its own. When stimulated as with a similar experience to the original fear situation, for example, this dense energetic “being” will react and dominate your thoughts and emotions and you will go back into the original state of fear experienced first time round. Not appropriate or the best response! Pain often accompanies the presence of one of these “beings” in your energy field. Especially when stimulated!

Luckily now we have been given tools to break through these constructs and it becomes easy to rid yourself of unwanted reactions such as fears, worries and other thought patterns and emotions. Help is all around you.

Get a set of Ascension Spheres – have a look through the site and be guided to who can help you. I would recommend for this initial removal of blocks to self help and asking others to help, Archangel Zadkiel and/or the Violet Flame

Get rid of the Blocks

When you have the set, follow the instructions and in the session after your initial attunement ask Archangel Zadkiel (or your chosen help) to come in and  remove the blocks to  you asking for help and you being able to help yourself. Ask to be told if there is a lesson to be learnt from the blocks and ask if you have taken that learning on board.

Intend that it is now time for the lessons to be learnt and ask for the blocks to be released. Intend and ask  (asking out loud is more powerful) for all the cell memories of that blocking energy and any incidents related to it to be removed now. If you are sensitive you will feel the blocks being removed from your energy field.

When you are happy that the process has finished (at least for this session!) then ask Archangel Zadkiel to bring in Healing Angels to patch up and heal the areas where the thought forms and beings have been removed from, to ground you  and to seal your aura perfectly.

When you are sure that that healing has finished the energies will drop away and please give thanks to the Angels and Archangel Zadkiel. Note that this is a very powerful process and can be used for any issue that you identify.

Make sure you ground yourself properly in the next few days, get plenty of fresh air and drink plenty of water – there may also be a mental, emotional or physical detox – as after any treatment.

You will now be freer to seek the guidance and help you require at this time for your well being and development.

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