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Aqua Detox

This is one of those therapies that is very simple to do, and I can attest to the aqua detox doing what it claims to do. The device removes toxins and heavy metals from your body out through the pores of your feet. I have seen yellow dye from oral antibiotics be pulled out of the body by this method. When the body can’t get rid of dyes by the normal channels I believe it deposits them in sites potentially leading to cancers and neurological diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimer’s. Aqua detox is best seen a a regular session up to two or three times a week. Your feet will feel fantastic after a treatment! The best offer I have found is the Bioenergiser. Great value for money.

Take a drink with each session of 500ml or so of water – I add 10ml of liquid called Humet -R which assists the process and helps remove the heavy metals but also helps keep mineral balance in the body.

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