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Wheat and Processed Sugar.

For most people significant improvement in health can be found simply by cutting out modern processed wheat products and processed (white) sugar from the diet.  I appreciate that this for most is a daunting change of habit and routine, yet these two foodstuffs I believe are highly significant in destroying health worldwide. Wheat and white sugar find their way into the majority of processed  commercially available foods. Many IBS symptoms disappear when wheat and white sugar are stopped.

White processed sugar has been stripped energetically of its vitality by the processing and physically stripped of its natural mineral and vitamin content, so the body has extreme difficulty in dealing with this alien substance. The same is true of wheat but in addition the wheat may have been grown on impoverished soils resulting in poor protection from disease, and I have seen fields of wheat black with fungus prior to harvest. Mycotoxins from the fungus are powerful irritants and poisons for the body.

It is a sobering thought that some of these processed foodstuffs  containing wheat and sugar may actually deplete the body of energy when you eat them. Become aware of the way you feel after eating – full, tired and bloated or revitalised?

Simply change to a less processed diet – become a cook and provider for yourself, then you have the choice what ingredients end up in your stomach! Different types of flour are available such as spelt, that are grown less intensively and are older varieties with better immune response, use unrefined sugars from varying sources for sweetness and molasses for a high nutrient energy boost. Avoid artificial or refined sugar substitutes like the plague.

Alternative flours : Spelt, Rice, Millet and so on.

Alternative Sugars: Molasses, maple syrup, honey, date syrup,  agave syrup.

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Switch to Goat and Sheep

There are three main reasons why it is highly beneficial to switch to goat and sheep milk and cheese products. One the molecules in the cow products are very long compared – making them much harder to digest and using up what are scant reserves of digestive enzymes if your liver is compromised. So goat and sheep is much easier and ‘lighter’ to digest.
Secondly production of cows milk has become too much an industry and has seen much breeding for production, at the expense of disease resistance and quality, so cows milk in general is poor and may have been produced by animals who are sadly lacking in health. These disease factors are then present in the milk.
The nutritional value is further reduced by pasteurization and homogenization. Sheep and goat are usually better hardier, healthier animals and the milk is not subject to the same degree of processing. Therefore there is much more vitality and life energy in the sheep and goat milk, cheeses and butters.
Another milk product that can be available is true buffalo mozzarella cheese (check the packet – much is imitation from cows milk) – high quality and highly nutritious, if you are lucky enough to have a supply of buffalo milk so much the better!
The third reason is that sheep and goat products are higher vibration than the cows, and as the plan for better health involves raising your vibration higher and you are what you eat………
If you are firmly wedded to your cows milk or do not have the option of sheep or goat please do buy from the organic producers who are getting milk production right – get the best you can.

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Milk, Butter and Cheese

The proteins in ordinary cows dairy products are long chain and indigestible compared to goat and sheep’s milk products. Now that goat butter and milk are readily available in supermarkets (in UK) it is an easy switch to make in the diet by merely substituting the goat for cow. Your digestive system and liver will be less taxed and your will get better nutrition.
While we are on the subject avoid margarines like the plague – they are processed with little nutritional value. Use butter – there is plenty of benefit and no downside as far as I am aware. I have actually cured seemingly intractable skin problems by switching from margarines to butter.
Olive oil can be used for frying, as a marinade, garnish and in cooking safely. Other oils break down with heating to produce dangerous short chain molecules – avoid them for cooking.

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Everyday Juice

This juice is recommended for everyday use – best probably just before the main meal.

Approximately 1/4 Fresh Pineapple, two to three Carrots and one small -medium raw beetroot to make two glasses.

Pineapple contains enzymes to aid digestion, bromelain and papain, when you are really struggling to digest food properly a little pineapple juice before or with the meal will really help things. Carrot is one of the top ten foods – choose with your nose – if they smell good and carroty it predicates a high mineral content – essential! Beetroot is one of the best medicinal foods – helps especially with kidneys and the urinary tract.

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