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Varicose Veins and Improve Circulation

Poor circulation and varicose veins in particular can be improved significantly by getting into a few simple habits. Severe varicosity is the collapse of the valves in the veins ( normally in the legs ) but is usually preceded by years of aching pain. Bear in mind that the varicose veins and poor circulation may be due to deeper more significant issues (such as a congested liver) that need addressing before you get the improvement you require. However the condition may be easily reversed in this early phase. Do these three simple things:

Calf Raises
Herbal Help

The Theory
The circulation of the blood is not only due to the heart, the calf muscles act as pumps with every step we take, returning blood up the legs. So the first step is literally that – start walking. Sitting with legs constricted or so that blood flow is impeded with poor seating will make things worse – you are creating a much worse state of affairs. Pump the muscle and flow improves. Dehydration slows flow so we must rehydrate.

Calf Raises
Hence calf raises are the greatest exercises for varicose veins and poor circulation, get into the habit of doing them while doing other mundane things, ironing, washing up and so on. Just stand feet slightly apart for balance ( hold onto something if you are not steady) and lift yourself up onto tip toes. Lower yourself back down, gently. Do repetitions until your calves burn and you need to stop. Rest a while and repeat. It is hard work so do what you can – no more. You will build up strength if you do it daily. When it gets too easy stand on the edge of a step and drop your heels lower and raise up – the continuous tension will burn much faster. (More important to hold then stair rail for balance now).

Drinking water – its no good expecting your blood to flow if you are dehydrated and your fluids are like sludge. Get into the habit of having a bottle of water with you at all times. Put a sprinkle of sea salt (or Tibetan rock salt) into the bottle to help balance your electrolytes. Take a 1/3 cup everytime you think about it.

Herbal and Bioenergetic Help
The herbal par excellence for vein problems is Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) which is strongly improved by imbuing it with the homeopathics ( such as Pulsatilla ) and bioenergetics that are known to help with venous circulation. You can order this here. The dosage is 5 drops 3 times a day in a glass of water.

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