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Bioenergetic H1N1 (A) “pig flu” preparation


H1N1 Bioenergetic Preparation

Approx 2 months tablets at one a day, dissolve on tongue, with a clean mouth, no food or drink 5 mins before or after. Can easily be dissolved in clean water and given on a teaspoon or in a cup if necessary
If exposed to infection through close contact take one tablet three or four times a day.

General preventative advice: take extra Vitamin C, avoid all mouldy food stuffs (inc Blue cheese etc), keep well hydrated with at least 1 to 1.5L of good clean water a day. Reduce stress.
Active factors
The lactose tablets hold the bioenergetic patterns to protect from, deactivate and eliminate the H1N1 (A) virus and its subtypes, and a selection of bioenergetic patterns to stimulate and enhance the immune system.

£9.00 sterling inc carriage
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